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Staff Hire

When hiring your vintage bar, you may already have a caterer or bar company to run the bar but incase you dont, we offer staff to man your bar for you (and also general event staff). We have a minimum shift time of 4 hour per member of staff.


Below are the staff we have available to hire with their hourly rates. If you'd like a specific package, do let us know and we can offer package prices which can be cheaper than the below. 


Waiting & Event Staff
Bar Staff
Cocktail Bar Staff
Flair Cocktail Staff

£12 per hour

£13.50 per hour

£35 per hour

£60 per hour

Staff Supervisor

£20 per hour

Event Security

£17.50 per hour

Event Manager

£25 per hour

Event Planner

Priced Per Event.

All prices are excluding VAT. if you have any event staffing requirements, please do speak to a member of the team and they would be happy to help. Email: Tel: 01483 320075 

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